Saint Louis Kendo

Every 6-8 weeks (Overland Community center [Tuesdays and Thursdays]) will begin new session. Those new to kendo must join at least one of the following practices please email or visit beginning kendo in Saint Louis or FAQ

Overland Community center next session open to beginners for 2/13/2024 - 2/22/2024  (Tuesdays&Thursdays).  [NO PRACTICE 2/6, 2/8]

Maryland Heights location(Saturdays) [3/2/2024-3/9/2024]
First two Saturdays of odd months (January, March, May, July, September, November). Months with holidays falling on 1st or 2nd Saturday may extend to third Saturday of the odd month 

All members please register with Saint Louis Kendo for All United States Kendo (AUSKF) & Midwest Kendo Federation (MWKF) @

Nonprofit group dedicated to practice of kendo in Saint Louis, MO since 2010. 

If you are new to kendo please visit Beginning kendo for more instructions. Practice schedule page has information about practice location, schedule of events, and pricing