I have no experience in martial arts/not athletic can I still practice? 

Yes! There are wide range of ages (Have as young as 6 and as old as 72 that started with us) and abilities. There only needs to be respect and appreciation for others that are at practice and of the instructors who are volunteers

I may not attend all practices. Will that be alright?

Everyone in the group has a day job or other responsibilities. Please note that getting bogu/armor may take longer depending on frequency of practices. Typically 6 months to 1 year is average

Where can I buy equipment

Maruyama kendo supply is our preferred vendor but feel free to use any online store. Generally stick to kendo specific as have noticed that general martial arts stores have sold shinai/bamboo swords that are extremely dangerous and not allowed in practice

When can I test/attend tournaments?

When instructor deems you are ready. If you are a member of our group then you also represent our group. Please ask instructor for permission to attend other groups events or practices.